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How to use this website

Tigers Our objective is to provide you with a completely tailored adventure. Brochures are available to non-internet users, but we prefer you to browse through our website to see what some of your options are. This includes Accommodation, Golf, Activities and Tours. Once you’ve been through everything, contact us by email, phone or letter and we’ll call you to discuss you’re proposals in greater depth.

We’ve also listing three typical adventures and prices for a 5, 10 and 15 day trip which includes airfares, accommodation, activities, tours car hire.

There are four easy steps to your adventure of a lifetime:

step 1

Contact TEA directly and jump to Step 2 or Study the website and initially build up a 'Request for Information' form under the Contact us menu which will be fired off to EAA automatically.

Study the various Regions to get an idea of what is available. Each Region has a sub-menu on the upper left-hand side showing you Activities, Golf, Accommodation and Tours. You can then contact us directly by phone to discuss areas of interest or you can complete the “Request for Information” form (see contact us) which gets emailed to us automatically.

step 2

We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss aspects of your proposed adventure. Once the basics are agreed, we’ll have our partners in South Africa compile an itinerary based on the dates you want to travel. After 48 hours, we’ll be back to you again to confirm availability. This process may have to be repeated, but we won’t stop until you’re entirely satisfied with what you want to do.

step 3

After finalisation, you’ll receive an invoice from our travel partner Uniglobe Preferred Travel. Payments will be made by you in accordance with industry standards and tickets/vouchers will then be despatched.

step 4

You depart for Southern Africa from your nearest available airport. After an overnight flight you’ll be met by our travel representative and provided with all the necessary support that will make your adventure as pleasurable as possible.