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World Cup 2010

With the World Cup 2010 some years away, you might be wondering why we’re already advertising this unique event. It’s very simple; South Africa is the first African country to host a major event like this. It is also a country that figures very highly on many people’s lists of ‘must go and visit’ places. Flights, accommodation, tickets and many other aspects relating to the World Cup will be at a premium. Given these simple facts, many people will already be gearing themselves up to get out there. Unfortunately it’s not a hop across Channel. Going by boat will take up to 2 weeks, so flying is the only viable option. Whilst there may be charter flights (currently not allowed into South Africa), main stream schedule airlines will be hard pushed to cope with the demand. Don’t be disappointed! Given our strong ‘on the ground’ support team, we’ll get you out there, source accommodation and car hire as well as internal flights well in advance to avoid heartache.
As far as match tickets are concerned, we will be purchasing a quantity of tickets as they become available to meet your needs. As a heads up, the South African World Cup committee want to see the standard price of tickets kept to $20 to $25 or an average of £12 each.

At present the timetable for ticket distribution is as follows:
• 2007 - Ticketing policies defined and ticket allocation model developed
• 2008 - Ticket packages set up, ticket requirements defined and documented and preferential ticket sales started.
• 2009 - Public ticket sales open.
• 2010 - Ticket distribution.

So, what do you want to do? We’re quite happy to put you on our information list which will keep you updated with the latest developments regarding the World Cup. It’ll mean that when the time is right, we’ll get those flights for you, reserve accommodation and car hire as well as taking care of your other holiday adventure needs.
Take the time now to fill out our information sheet Request for Information on our Contacts page and we’ll be happy to have you on our list. Alternatively, you might consider going out on a trip within the next year or two and carry out your own ‘recce’ to decide what your requirements will be.
Whatever you decide – don’t leave it too late!


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